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About Us

We provide quality solutions to clients around the world,
from small companies to large corporations, making their products stronger and more reliable.

Our History

BranchTesting was born from the idea of put years of experience in different projects, technologies, tools and problem solving in a place where different companies can take advantage of it.

Many companies have products or services where tests were not run or were very few because they took a long time to prepare the environment, write the tests and run them. Other companies are taking their first steps and believe that testing is very expensive.

At BranchTesting we believe that we can help these companies to have better products and services at a low cost, quickly and without returns, for their products and services but especially for their customers who will be using them.

Our Vision

We believe that the most valuable thing for companies are their clients and as such, they deserve the best product or service, without errors that prevent them from achieving their objectives, so at BranchTesting we follow the following values:

– Get it right the first time.

– Do the job as if you were the customer.

– Learn from your mistakes and grow with them.

– Have fun doing what you love.

– Innovate, find new ways, be proactive!

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We are on LinkedIn!

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